• If you looking for a piece of Northern Michigan paradise, this is it!

  • Located off year round county maintained Three Mile Road east of Skookum Rd. near the village of Luther.

  • GPS to 8892 East Three Mile, Luther, MI

  • When you GPS, you may get a location West of the Village of Luther. This is EAST of Luther. My two track is just under one mile East of Skookum Road.

  • Sign for Upper Michigan Land Company

  • This is the heart of the lower peninsula's out of door recreation lands of Lake County.

  • Home to over 100 lakes and dozens of rivers!

  • Over half of Lake County is Federal and State Land.

  • Pure Michigan at it's very best.

  • Parcel "D" On the survey.

  • Almost touching 700 acres State Land

  • First 10 months is a lease to own at $288 a month. Pay faithfully and we go to a land contract. Same payment till paid off.

  • Plus you will get a $2,880.00 credit for down payment and title company closing costs.

  • Selling price is only $29,900.

  • You'll look at it, you'll love it and you can take you time paying for it!!


To contact us about our properties, please call or email us.