• I have Two Parcels of Pure Michigan that border the Manistee National Forest. They are 6.26 acres and 15.49 Acres. "H" actually shares a border with the Manistee National Forest and "E" is very close.

  • A total of 21+ adjacent acres are available.

  • If you GPS to 6518 W. Six Mile Road, Irons, MI you will find yourself across from the parcels.

  • Close to the NA-TAH-KA bar!

  • Lease for 10 months and your payments are credited towards the land contract!

  • Start to enjoy the land as soon as you make your first payment.

  • Parcel "E" 15.49 Acres $459 a month $48,900 Selling Price

  • Parcel "H" 6.26 Acres $319 a month $33,900 Selling Price

  • You'll look at the land, you'll love it, and you can take your time paying me for it!

  • This is the best recreation area in the lower peninsula!


To contact us about our properties, please call or email us.