• 2.5 acre beautifully wooded square parcels. $199 a month. Purchase price of $23,900 each.

  • Almost touching the 500,000 acre Manistee National Forest. Front on Fawn Road. Camp today and build in the future.

  • Also 5 acre parcels for only $299 a month fronting on Airport or Hoxeyville Roads just West of Fawn Road.

  • Purchase price of $32,900 for your choice of any one of six parcels.

  • About 90% of Henderson Township is in the 500,000 acre Manistee National Forest.

  • The first 10 months is lease to purchase. You can use the land as soon as you start making monthly payments.

  • Pay faithfully for 10 months and we go to the land contract. The money you paid under the lease to purchase becomes your land contract down payment and title company closing costs.

  • Land contract payments are the same monthly amount as the lease to purchase. There is never a balloon payment. If you want to pay it off faster you may and there is no penalty.

  • You look at it, you love it, and you can take your time paying for it. 

  • West side of Fawn Road N. of Hoxeyville Road.

  • No signs up yet. Contact me to get yourself on the to be notified list before parcels are listed to be sold.


To contact us about our properties, please call or email us.