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  • This is some of the finest "Pure Michigan" wooded land we've ever seen, and it directly borders The Manistee National Forest.

  • A fabulous spot to build in the future and use it for camping and hunting now!

  • Walk it, love it, and take your time paying for it!!

  • Pay faithfully during the 10 month lease-to-own period and get credit for all your payments.
    This becomes your down payment and title company closing costs as we go to a land contract.
    No balloon payment and no prepayment penalty!

  • Parcel E - 2.66 acres @ $369/month ($39,900 purchase price)

  • Parcel I - 12.1 acres @ $699/month ($74,900 purchase price)

  • It's on 11 1/2 mile Road just East of Peacock Trail close to the Village of Irons in the heart of sportsman's paradise, Lake County.

  • 11 1/2 Mile Road is Lake County maintained and electric runs along it.

  • Check the parcel map for exact size and pricing details.

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