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  • Located in a gorgeous wooded setting very close to National Forest.

  • You will look at it, love it, and take your time paying for it!!

  • Parcel #1: 7.99 Acres ($519/month; $56,900 purchase price)

  • Pay faithfully during 10 month lease to own period and get credit for all your payments.
    This becomes your down payment and title company closing costs as we go to a land contract.
    No balloon payment and no pre payment penalty!


  • Not ready to build your cabin yet? This will be your perfect high and dry camping spot.

  • This is almost the highest point of Lake County, the Lower Peninsula's Sportsman's Paradise

  • If you are looking for a piece of Northern Michigan paradise, this is it!
    Located off N. Skookum Rd, just north of E. 3 Mile Rd


  • This is the heart of the lower peninsula's out of door recreation lands of Lake County.
    Home to over 100 lakes and dozens of rivers!
    Over half of Lake County is Federal and State Land.
    Pure Michigan at it's very best.


  • Ellsworth Township is UNZONED.

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